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Upcycled Favorites From Fashion Week 2013

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On Monday, September 9th, 2013 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce held Tesla Style Night, an event which added to the unique excitement of Fashion Week 2013.

This fabulous evening featured the sustainable electric car designs of Tesla Motors, complemented by many emerging fashion designers whose focus is also on the importance of fabric sustainability.

Our first designer is Ashley McAleavy and she is the owner of Remedy.  Ashley shared that in the fashion industry there is so much excessive waste.  In her passion for design she has found a way of creating sustainable fashion.  Ashley calls her line of clothing “upcycled vintage” and works to give new meaning to the past to sustaining life in the present.  How cool is that!



Our second green designer is Anais Bouchard.  Her company is Anais.  Anais has designed a lounge wear-lingerie collection which is both trendy and urban.  She uses organic cotton and all her fabrics are from The United States, her manufacturer is in Long Island and her studio is in Brooklyn.  We certainly love the local love that goes into making the threads!


A third highlighted designer at the evening’s event was Lanni Lantto.  Her designs are a line of clothing that Lanni says, “Will take you on a journey.  A journey where things that were once tossed aside are brought back to life.”  She has some very unique creations, indeed!


And let’s not forget the kids in supporting this recyclable fabric movement. At Kaillo pre-adored vintage clothing is reclaimed, sorted and re-sewn to give it brand new lifeNothing is wasted!

Karina Kallio who founded Kallio shared her vision which is, “To create a conscious kid’s fashion brand that if fun, stylish and unexpected, that kids can play hard it, without being hard on the environment.



And now below, last but not least, I found myself being photographed by one of the attendees who said, “Hey, Sora, why not become part of the “sustainable” movement.  Well, as a Baby Boomer, I thought, “Why not?!” and so I  found myself sharing space with one of Tesla’s newest electric cars!



So if you’re a person who doesn’t believe in waste, remembers that adage, “Waste not, want not!” then check out Tesla Motors or any of the innovative impassioned recyclable designers and do your part for the movement!