Tesla NYFW Jacket


A part of the [RE] art d’eco collection.

Tesla is a car company that is accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future. The use of gold (& not electric silver) states that profit can be made while putting people + planet first.  The automobile motif shows by the use of (re)claimed belt buckles that mirrors a car grille & washer parts that form a chain down to an Art Deco era stem-winding mechanical clock used in cars before electricity.


Flat Washers – Car Part

Stem-wind Mechanical Car Clock

Vintage Wool Jacket

Vintage Necklace


4 Reclaimed Belt Buckles

Save The Planet Decal

Sequin Sailor Anchor

*Inspired by, but not endorsed by, Tesla Motors. Photos by Derek Murdock & Mont SATHORNSUNTIKUN, model James Orlando.