PAST EVENTS: Remade Furniture Unveiling Reception

10/26/12, – Devos Art Museum.  Musical Performance on instruments made from found objects featuring New Material: John Preus, Leroy Bach, Tadd Cowen, Mikel Patrick Avery (Chicago).

Remade Furniture Unveiling with projects by Breanne Kanak, Lanni Lantto and Nicole Corne, Russell Prather, Cory Robinson and Ted Ross, Stephen Smolinski, Brendan Solinski, Mitch Steinmetz, Dale Wedig and NMU IDSA.

In conjunction with the exhibition, You Complete Me: Mediating Relationships in Contemporary Art, on view at the DeVos Art Museum through November 11.

About the exhibition:  Mediate is defined as an intervention to bring about resolution. While we often think about mediation involving a dispute or argument, this exhibition looks at the idea more broadly. The artists and pieces represented intervene by directly and indirectly engaging with other people in the creation of the work. It is only with the involvement of others, either in the making of or the display of the work, that the work can be fully completed. The artists, or the artwork, then become mediators, asking the participant/viewer to negotiate their perspective by becoming part of the work.Featuring work by Jill Frank, InCUBATE, Jason Lazarus, Nikki S. Lee, David Parker, Adrian Piper, John Preus with New Material (Leroy Bach, Tadd Cowen, Mikel Patrick) and Jon Rafman. A full-color fully illustrated catalogue is available with essays by Chicago-based research group InCUBATE and DeVos Art Museum curator Melissa Matuscak. For more information visit: