REDESIGN A LINE is a TV Show that goes behind the seams of the future of fashion. “When no material is off limits, the possibilities are endless.”
Taking items from thrift stores and reinventing the fashion design process.
We step inside the Begley’s closet to redesign her existing wardrobe for a red carpet event.
Not 1 but 2 dresses become redesigned using 10 years of salvaged clothing tags. Janine Jordan wears a piece to James & Suzy Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress event.
Watch Video “Discarded Materials Become Desirable at NY Fashion Week Here:

feat. Asia Kate Dillon (Orange is the New Black & Billions) & Tesla Motors, Lanni Lantto walks us through the “Fashion REdesign” process here. From finding materials in thrift stores or on the streets to showing us how she is able to visualize the new life (repurposing) potential of the every day objects in our closets. During New York Fashion Week 2013, Lanni created 4 pieces that were on display at Sustainable Style Night at Tesla Motors. These totally wearable works of art were made by using a wide variety of 2nd hand materials. She titled her concept, “The Age of Art d’Eco”- moving away from the Art Deco era’s love of petroleum to a new era of sustainable, conscious living.

ReDesign a Line is an original series from the trenches of the backroom donation bins by Lanni Lantto