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Lanni Lantto, Fashion (re) Designer

Monday, April 15, 2013

View entire article at Australian blog, Recycled Fashion, a great site highlighting before and after upcycling projects and sustainable ideas. As founder, Erica Louise says,”Fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth… financially or environmentally.”

Lanni Lantto, an eco-designer has a philosophy which she believes differentiates her between other fashion designers, this philosophy is the concept of her label name, “(re)”; reuse, reduce, redesign, rethink, reinvent, recycle.  The materials she uses for her collections are obtained from thrift stores, where no material is off limit.
Made from 9 layers of lace and a stunning back accent of an heirloom table runner.

“I breathe new life into fashion otherwise destined for the landfill. After all, the most eco-friendly fabrics are those that already exist. I am committed to creating a shift of consciousness by sourcing all 2nd hand materials locally, using reclaimed sewing materials (even mannequins), & displaying my pieces with recycled tags and on salvaged clothing racks. I’m proud to be a designer who supports my local economy through a business that essentially creates no new waste.” Lanni  Lantto.

A redesigned vintage blue blazer

art deco1

 From the ( re ) 2011 Collection at the 2nd Annual “ReFashion Fashion Show” in Marquette.  Art Deco Inspired Party Dress playing with shapes from various deconstructed blouses.

The ‘before’
mens look
This red and black men’s formal suit coat was created from a frumpy women’s blouse and a tailored children’s tuxedo blazer


“inspiration can come from anything … creating truly extra-ordinary clothing” Lanni Lantto
Lanni’s work, I hope, will inspire many.  You can follow her work on facebook, etsy, and her website:
Disclaimer; the review and opinion provided in this blog post is unbiased and unpaid


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