(re) To Be Featured in New Book by ReTrash (Book)

(re) is extremely honored to be one of the designers featured in a new international book put out by Australian eco-pioneers, ReTrash. The book is a collection of ideas from around the world of ways in which people are upcycling, reusing and repurposing materials that may otherwise end up as landfill.

Recently, they did an interview with (re)’s founder which can be found on their website here.

(re) Designer – Eco Fashion

Lanni Lantto is an avid fashion designer with her own label (re): reuse, reduce, redesign, rethink, reinvent and recycle. Speaking with Lanni earlier this month it is clear to see that her entire creative design process is unconventional from start to finish.

By using pre-existing materials & creatively salvaged fabrics, Lanni breathes new life into fashion otherwise destined for the landfill. She is committed to creating a shift of consciousness by sourcing all 2nd hand materials locally, using reclaimed sewing materials (even mannequins), and displaying her pieces with recycled tags and on salvaged clothing racks. “I’m proud to be a designer who supports my local economy, who is keeping pounds of clothing from rotting in landfills, and can say that I’ve created a business that essentially creates no new waste. This is why I not only create clothing but I teach people skills to reconstruct their own wardrobes and offer personalised wardrobe eco-consultations.”

“There is no need to buy new clothes. Everything you own can be redesigned. All you need are the skills to see old materials in a new light. I can help you do this. Whether you make a commitment to buy one (re) piece instead of buying new or I give your closet an eco-make-over; YOU have the power to make a huge difference. (re)designing is a necessary component of living a sustainable lifestyle and a wildly adventurous way to honor and respect our world.