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August 18th, 2013 by Monica Murgia

(RE) by Lanni Lantto

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My previous post, Tesla Style Night, mentioned that this year New York Fashion Week will be exposed to emerging fashion designers that promote sustainability.  There will be over 10 eco-friendly designers will be coming together to showcase fashion and accessories made from reclaimed, up-cycled, or vegan materials.  I’ve been getting to know the various designers participating in the event, and they are all worthy of their own posts.  Today, I’d like to highlight (RE) by Lanni Lantto.

Lanni is a Los Angeles-based designer that focuses on redesigning existing garments.  Her label, (RE), embodies her design philosophy: reuse, reduce, redesign, rethink, reinvent, recycle.  Lanni sources all of her materials locally.  Everything she uses for the design process is second-hand.  In addition to reclaimed fabrics, Lanni uses reclaimed sewing materials and mannequins.


Lanni sourcing materials at the Melrose Trading Post for Tesla Style Night.

In addition to her label (RE), Lanni teaches workshops on up-cycling and consults with clients on how to redesign their existing wardrobes.  She explains:

I’ve taken an unconventional path to a non-traditional career.  I am not a fashion designer going eco; I am an environmental & social activist gone fashion designer- and rather than being a set back I believe it actually sets me apart.  I thought I had to be behind a desk to be an activist, making phone calls, networking, writing my thesis, teaching at university- what I discovered is that a (re)volution of the heart can come from anywhere; including through the art of fashion.


Stripes Evening Gown by Lanni Lantto.

As one of the participating designers, Lanni will be showcasing a series of evening gowns based on the designs of Tesla’s electric cars.  Interested in seeing these unique, sustainable creations?  Buy your tickets now!

Tesla Style Night Tickets

Tesla Style Night is Monday, September 9th from 6:30-9:30 at the Tesla Show Room in Chelsea.