(RE) supports Red Carpet Green Dress

(RE) was honored to be in attendance to celebrate Red Carpet Green Dress‘ 5 years of sustainable fashion in Hollywood prior to the 2014 Oscars.  RCGD (founded in 2009 by Suzy Amis-Cameron), is an internationally recognized design competition that combines the worlds of fashion and sustainability by challenging designers from around the world to create pieces made entirely of sustainable materials with the winning design worn on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
Fashion Revolution Ambassador, Janine Jordan wore a gown made out of salvaged clothing tags.  The clothing tags represent flipping our clothing #insideout and asking the Q: Who Made Our Clothes?  Equally as important to Lanni Lantto of (RE) is the Q: What Is Our Clothing Made From? Which is why in addition to the clothing tags, this dress was upcycled from 1950s Dress + black shirt collar (front lines) + salvaged white bow + black straps (on bow) from another dress. Using fair labor and creating no new waste.
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