PAST EVENTS: Hosting Clothing Swap

(RE) Clothing Swap – 12/14/2013: (RE) by Lanni Lantto & actress Angela Sauer are hosting a HUGE clothing swap, not to miss!

You know how there are things in your wardrobe that you don’t totally love and never wear, but for some reason are still taking up valuable closet space? It’s time to take those pieces out, find them a better home, and get yourself some shiny new duds in the process!


Go through your stuff and find things that you don’t wear/want anymore. Pack them up, and bring them to the swap. Once at the swap, we will do our best to sort things into categories (tops over here, bottoms over there… etc.). Then everyone can go crazy and try things on, hoarding away whatever they like. Near the end of the swap, everyone will gather together to show off what things they’re taking home (it’s always fun to see who’s getting your stuff). Are two people (or three or four) all swooning over the same purse? Any fights over items will be settled by drawing cards. High card wins! Anything that is left at the end of the swap will be upcycled or donated.

*NOTE: Don’t feel like you have to bring a large amount of stuff in order to come. Just come, because it’s really more about meeting people and having a good time. It’s so, so, so much fun. I promise. 😀

– Clothing (please make sure the clothing is clean; while normally at a swap you’d avoid bringing things with stains or rips, it’s actually okay for us… we’ll have an “upcycle for parts” section!)
– pajamas/nightwear
– jewelry
– purses
– scarves
– hats
– gloves
– sunglasses
– shoes
– hair accessories
– costume pieces
– picture frames
– unused hair/skin/makeup/fragrance products
– DVDs
– books
– CDs
– etc.
Message for details, private venue.