PAST EVENTS: Stewardship of Creation + Fast Fashion

October 24-26th, 2018, Open to public via registration

Taking as its theme “Stewardship of Creation,” the 2018 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture will consider the opportunities and challenges for people of faith as they observe the divine mandate to care for creation. What resources does the Christian tradition offer regarding management of the environment and the wise use of natural resources? How do religious accounts of God, creation, justice, and human flourishing shape our embrace and use of technology that alters for good and ill our world and the lives of every creature in it? How might Christians work with others to reimagine the human relationship to the earth? Finally, what might faithful stewardship of creation look like in the coming decades?

Lanni will be presenting on “Laudato Si & Fast Fashion: A Look Behind of the Seams & Why It Matters”. Have you ever thought about how your t-shirt came to be? Where did the fibers camefrom, who picked them, what dyes were used, was there waste from the pattern cutting, and how did it get to you? We live in a culture of “fast fashion” that does not ask these questions, because the less we know, the more we will consume. Only within the past one hundred years have we created an industry out of fashion, one that employs over sixty million workers globally and is worth 2.5 trillion in profits a year. There is a hidden cost: it is the second largest polluter on the planet, and most of its workers’ wages fall below the UN poverty line. No matter our faith background, we are united in our wearing of clothing. We all participate in an unjust system, so how can we break free? Using Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ as a call to action, we will discover how to put our “faith into what we wear” so that our clothing becomes a reflection of our spiritual values. By learning about designers and manufactures that are maximizing the efficient reuse of resources and putting people and planet first, we can become a part of a renewed ethical global fashion movement.