Justified: Are We? is a groundbreaking film that invites viewers to a greater attentiveness to one of the primary relationships in God’s created order, that between humans and our environment.  For centuries, we have based this relationship on a theological foundation that we are its rightful dominators; justified to use the Earth’s resources as we please.  Yet, scripture is abundant with teachings that enjoin stewardship of God’s creation as fundamental to humankind’s role in the world.

A full length feature film, Justified: Are We? is a cinematic journey exploring our symbiotic relationship with the whole of God’s creation. Through the voices of the prophets, saints, and theologians past & present we uncover a path to holiness that has been laid out since the beginning. Through visual cinematography we see this beauty first hand… while also witnessing the result of our missing the mark.  This film simply asks the question: “Are we justified to dominate or to care for what God has entrusted to us?”. The rest is left up to the viewer.

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Why This Film & Why Now:

The Problem:  While secular film-makers have produced a wide array of commentaries on the subject, no substantial piece of work has connected the religious foundation governing our treatment of animals & the environment.  This leaves a huge missing hole from the discussion. It leaves Christians without a biblical and/or traditional approach to issues like factory farming and land degradation but it also is long awaited from the secular community, which sees a hypocrisy within our belief in a God of Love and our actions.

The Need:  Humanity’s relationship with the Earth has never been so modernized.  Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year. These figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes. Artificial insemination of livestock (humans creating life on demand) is the basis for our diet. God-created species are disappearing off the planet at alarming rates.  Animal Agriculture is one of the major causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, air and water pollution, disruption of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity.  Pope Francis has directly stated that neglect of our relationship with our environment has a direct link on the world’s poor who are the most vulnerable and are already suffering its impact.  Increased consumption of meat & dairy is now being linked with certain types of cancers, heart disease, strokes, and obesity which are all on the rise.

But most direly, if we are failing our divine commission, this could have serious implications for our souls – as we are destined to sit before the awesome judgement seat of Christ.  For God says that He will, “Bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will manifest the motives of our hearts.” It is in the least, worthy to explore our role in the destruction of or the restoration of the kingdom of God- in the here and now.  We must be willing to question a culture that caters to the pleasures of our appetites while profiting off the enslavement of living beings. We must ask ourselves if we are continuously building up a world that glorifies our fallen nature, or seeking to truly emulate a God of mercy & whose Law is Love.

A Solution:  By digging into the foundations of our Christian faith, we will uncover the ways in which we are called to be stewards and how caring for all beings leads to caring for ourselves; allowing us to be healed by God’s mercy and filled with God’s grace.  By speaking with Christian theologians and being moved by the scholarship of saints, we see a path for living, predestined in the original plan of the Garden Eden & spoken about in the restored Kingdom to come. There is no agenda or motive other than to allow oneself to think in a new way, question deeply held beliefs, and prayerfully consider one’s own relationship with the mystery of God’s creation. Viewers will be directed to an appendix chapter at the end of the film along with resources on the website if they’d like to start making changes in their lives to alleviate environmental & animal suffering.

Who Does This Film Speak To:

This film gives people an opportunity for a fresh perspective on issues that are rarely, if ever, spoken about by established religion.  Presented in a manner that is not proselytizing but simply allows one to see that there are justifications within our faith which revolve around mercy, compassion, and love within the human + environment relationship.  The Audience:

  • Christians across denominations.
  • All people who want to learn more about the biblical basis for God’s call and Jesus’ example to be stewards for all creation.
  • The younger generation who feel disconnected from the Church because of the lack of conversation on these most pressing contemporary issues.

How This Film Awakens Hearts to Inspire Change:

Let us ask ourselves:  What if the 2 billion Christians in the world started to rethink their relationship with our common home and all the living beings on it because of their faith?  Christians remain the world’s largest religious group covering every continent, spanning across the Planet. If we were to discern that we were a part of the problem, imagine the reverberation of positive change that is possible!  Not only would there be an outward change, but an inner awakening; turning our minds back to the mystery of things and opening our hearts drawing us into a deeper relationship with the I AM; the source of all love.

Creative Producer Statement:  lanni lantto / answering God’s call

I was awakened by experiencing the suffering of another.  I sat in the solitary pen with a baby calf just taken from its mother while the mystery of life grew inside my own belly and tears flowed – they washed away my past sins and transformed my relationship with Christ- I saw Christ’s suffering in the suffering of another living being.  Once aware to their reality, following in true discipleship despite the odds and ridicule from one’s own people, I felt more called to break the chains of silence and “set the captives free” even the ones who don’t look like us.  As Christians, I believe we have the responsibility to protect and care for all of God’s creation – we should be on the front lines.  //  It’s hard to ignore when a seed is planted, try as one might. The Holy Spirit speaks indirectly through passages like Isaiah 11 and it’s enough to get you thinking beyond what is or isn’t being preached at Sunday mass.  You think things like, “What if the translation is stewards and not dominator- what then are the implications for my soul?”, “If Eden was vegan, are we still living in the fall?”, “How can we justify cruelty through our faith when God calls us to liberate the weakest among us?”, “If God knows every sparrow, does he see what we are doing to them?”.  It’s enough to make a Christian want to dig deeper to a fuller understanding of the mystery of life.  “For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.”

Made by: A Christian couple through a small production LLC called, Watchtower Projections Cinema Coalition.  We are a younger generation of film-creators whose beauty of cinematography is relatable to all people.  Our unique approach engages viewers primarily through the visual (images) & aural (music) story and secondarily through verbiage (interviews/commentary).  This style allows for the message to come through in divergent ways for each individual viewer; for God speaks to each of us differently and we must allow for that form of communication to translate through the film.  Watchtower Projections has experience already having debuted 2 faith-based feature documentaries.  Soundtrack music to be provided by respected musician & environmentalist, Seth Bernard.

How Can You Help Make It:

Our faith has opened our eyes.  Our prayers have led us here.  We will speak for that which has no voice… & we will do it together.  This film’s estimated budget is $200,000 to make (Treatment with rundown available) as it will require multiple location shoots and we are dedicated to paying all crew members a just living wage.  What we need now is help getting it made.  One way is to directly fund it. The other is help find the means for funding it.

Our goal is $50,000 Crowdfunding via grassroots one-on-one donations.


Our Goal is $150,000 via Private Individuals / Organizations / Institutions who have a Faith-Orientated or Secular Interest in seeing a film like this actualized. Do you know of a group or person? If so, please consider yourself an Ambassador and reach out to them directly. Your willingness to use your personal connections is how the Holy Spirit will work among us!


Contact Us:  Lanni & Dustin at katonalantto@gmail.com


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