How it was Made: Tesla Concept Pieces

Lanni Lantto walks us through the “Fashion REdesign” process. From finding materials in thrift stores or on the streets to showing us how she is able to visualize the new life (repurposing) potential of the every day objects in our closets.  During New York Fashion Week 2013, Lanni created 4 pieces that were on display at Sustainable Style Night at Tesla Motors.  These totally wearable works of art were made by using a wide variety of 2nd hand materials.  She titled her concept,”The Age of Art d’Eco”- moving away from the Art Deco era’s love of petroleum to a new era of sustainable, conscious living. The Redesign Process took a total of 3 months and this is the behind the scenes video that Lanni created because, “It’s hard for me to explain what I do to people when they ask me since the process does not follow the rules of traditional fashion designing.  I can start out with an idea of what I’d like to create but the true inspiration comes from what you FIND so the outcome is always evolving.”  Lanni’s methods are truly sustainable from start to finish; sourcing 2nd hand materials and re-donating any scraps to find their 3rd life cycle.