Evox TV: Bringing Upcycling to Hollywood

“Approaching the fashion industry from an ethical standpoint is, unfortunately, outside of the box. We are in an era of fast fashion—pump it out as fast and as cheaply as you can so that profit is king and people/planet lay in the background. Ego is a big thing in Los Angeles, especially for a designer—it’s all about YOU. It’s easy to get so caught up in the glamour of having the next big trend that issues like where you source your fabrics, what dyes are polluting what rivers, and under what working conditions things are made don’t matter so much. But what if we had different standards for ourselves—so that your design AND your ethics are what people look up to? Well, this was why I was eating ramen noodles in a small studio apartment in L.A…..”  Read more of my article on what it has been like bringing upcycled fashion to mainstream Hollywood at Evox TV.