Eugenia Kuzmina in Stripes Evening Gown

Actress Eugenia Kuzmina [Fury] wearing this gown in “Trash to Treasure” editorial in Coco Eco Magazine.

“Inspired by the late 1940s, this ballroom ready gown is made from a variety of exciting materials put together to create one classic look.  The base of the dress began as a salvaged bridesmaid dress. A ruffled thrift store party skirt was added to the waistline as was a popular look in the 40s.  The side designs are made from a parachute (!) and lined with black fabric.  Her outfit is topped off with delicate white antique gloves.”

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

(photographer: Jeff Geniesse / Runway Model: Amanda Wallace)