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Fashion Shows

Interested in a “Redesign Your Wardrobe” Workshop?

The last 2 community workshops I did in January/February went extremely well & the amount of newly discovered talent hidden in each of us was pouring out!  I do not have any more workshops scheduled but if there is enough interest I can create one for March or April.

This workshop will educate on why re/upcycled fashion matters, empower you to make a difference by nurturing your own creativity, and teach you how to think outside of the box in creating your very own (re)constructed pieces from a variety of materials.  Class meets 1x a week for 3 weeks.  First class is Introduction/Education; Second class is Sharing/Gathering Ideas; Third class is Your Designer Showcase.  Participants usually meet beyond the class to keep the inspiration and motivation going!

If you are interested in attending, please send me a message via the “contact” form- bring your friends- & if there are enough people I’ll put together a new date.

Tap into your creativity- you’ll be surprised at what emerges!