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LA Fashion Frocks House of DVF TV Show


I created this piece for Fashion Blogger, Kier to wear to Coachella.  (Photo credit on right solely to Kier)

I also (RE)designed a skirt, but due to the nature of the fabric was not able to make it match the pattern of her white skirt.  Such is the nature of (RE)design… so instead I angled the fabric to make a train.


No New Fabric


Lane from The Traveling Circus, is a new mommy and she wanted a new look to old maternity clothes.  Without using any new fabric, I took what was already in her closet and added the floral textile to the grey dress. Et Voila, beautiful new mom!

Two Becomes One


I gave away a free Wardrobe Consultation for blog contest and this was one of the (RE)designs.  Alison wasn’t wearing these 2 items anymore so I combined & dyed them for a whole new look.

The Green Dress

A great example of being green is finding creative ways to reuse those old bridesmaid dresses.  The Green Dress is made from an over-priced green JCrew bridesmaid dress and a priced just-right green thrift store curtain.

(photographer: Dustin Katona / model: Lanni Lantto)

Ceremony Shawl

Melissa contacted me because she was asked to officiate her friend’s wedding in New York City.  She was looking for an off-white type of shoulder covering to make her look “officiant-ish” but in a material that wouldn’t be too hot.  I came up with the idea to use curtain fabric as it’s design looked official, had a chic feel and the material breathed.  She said that the bridesmaids were in the same color navy so the white really set her apart as “officiant”.

“Something Old” Cameo Bouquet

Katie added that precious “something old” to her wedding day by taking a vintage (re) cameo pin and making it a focal point of her bouquet.  What a creative idea and I am honored to be a part of her special day!

Gala Dress

Dress made for a client attending a Museum Opening Gala.

Reworked an antique dress, adding lace from a worn out slip to the bodice and back.  Then took a yellow scarf and draped it down the shoulders.

(photographer: Yin Tang)


Military Apron

Peace trumps war, soft overpowers harsh- as this piece uses a lace apron in a military design.

(photographer: Jeff Geniesse / model: Brie Trujillo)

Boldness in (re)Design

designboldness( 2 )Fabric applique design made from red jeans and t-shirts. Custom made for entrepreneurs based of their logos.

Bloomer (Re)creation

My client drew inspiration from some paper dolls she picked up at an antique store, she wanted old time bloomers. So I found an amazing vintage nightgown set and redesigned a pair for her.

Easy Sweatshirt Redesign

How to take 2 sweatshirts that you are no longer wearing (because of fit, style of color) and combine them into ONE power house sweatshirt that you LOVE to wear!  Quick over-view example of a simple fashion REdesign. Not a step-by-step tutorial.  For more examples, visit my youtube channel.

Vintage Japanese Hiroshi Awatsuji Yardage

A woman donated 7 yards of vintage designer fabric that had been sitting in her basement for 50 years.  Alexandra Kralova made a pattern and we made this 1960’s style dress & my business banner for events!

Vintage reMade Hipster Dresses

I get a lot of requests for long frumpy vintage pieces to be made more modern and hip.  Best worn with leggings and slouch boots!

Anthropologie Apron

My friend gave me a vintage Miss Elaine dress and an Anthropologie apron and said, “Mix em and create something cool!”. Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

Free People (re)done

My client loved her Free People blouse but wanted it updated for the next season!

Wind Breaker Redo

Cropped black jacket + 1990’s windbreaker fabric

Smoking *hot* Jacket

Woman’s Smoking Jacket made from 3 different colored night gowns completely reworked and completely ready for a night at the Opera..with a glass of Merlot first of course…

(photographer: Jeff Geniesse & Katie Balbierz)

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

Middle School Dress

A great example of refashioning the same dress into something very different.  Instead of buying a new dress to wear to her middle school dance, Therese had Lanni redesign one of her old dresses.  Taking fabric off of the length of the dress, its been added to the waistline- along with some 2nd hand tulle- to give the dress a youthful ballerina feel.  Therese has a truly unique dress that created zero new waste!

(photographer: Yin Tang)

Wedding in Australia

Custom Redesigned Wedding Dress for Zoe in Australia.  What an honor to be a part of someone’s special day. Before picture to the right.

Colorful Symmetry Dress

Custom made for a Television Program from a plain green outlet dress.  I designed the templates & transfers, hand cut the fabric, ironed, and very carefully machine stitched the applique.  The fabric is taken from old hospital scrubs that were donated to a local thrift store.

Vintage Owl Eyes

What to do with cool vintage buttons, old tshirts, & an over-sized sweatshirt- make it hipster worthy.

Table Runner Blazer

A gold table runner fit for a King’s banquet is now a blazer fit for a Queen.  Transforming the table runner into back blazer detailing by making a collar and letting the tassel do its thing!

JOY Butterfly

A client who is one of the most JOYous beings wanted something to match her personality- she flutters around giving people JOY so I thought it fitting to match her outer outfit with her inner butterfly.

Spring Wedding Dress

This dress was donated to me, like so many others, because after it is worn for that most special day, it just ends up boxed up hibernating.  Not when I get my hands on them…

Skirt Tapestry

A Client bought this skirt on one of her travel’s but found it to be much too baggy & unflattering to wear.  She is a massage therapist, so now it goes perfectly hanging on her studio wall!

Heirloom Shawl

A Client had an heirloom tablecloth that had been in the family for years but sitting in the attic.  I reworked the tablecloth by cutting around the most vibrant & preserved areas.  And now it is being worn around Minneapolis by the youngest in the family!

Couch Mender

A puppy had a little too much fun and tore a nasty hole into this ‘too expensive to ditch’ leather couch.  My solution was take a heavy suede coat and patch it up. Once the glue dries and the tape is removed, my client has the option to accent the couch arms with more of the black suede, so that each side is symmetrical.  What about the rest of the coat? Gold studded boot covers of course!