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Fashion Revolution Clothing Tag Dresses

“Made in China”, “Made in Bangladesh”, “Made in the USA”, “Made in Mexico”… so many faces behind the seams. Have you ever wondered who those faces might be?  Fashion Revolution is a global campaign asking that very question: ‘who made my clothes?’ in order to initiate human connections throughout the supply chain.


As an upcycle designer who uses pre-existing clothing, I am very familiar with other manufacturer’s clothing tags.  I become most familiar with the names of brands that design for big chains like Old Navy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, ect.  Why? Because these brands are constantly pumping out new collections and malls exists across the United States.  Single serving clothing. Then they end up at the thrift store and this is where I have become familiar with these clothing tags.


A lot of this clothing finds a second serving (adopted by a new owner), some of it is shipped to another country, more of it is thrown away, and a few just sit there- like puppies in a window- waiting and waiting for someone to come along and give it a purpose again.  It sits there confused thinking, “But so much time and energy went into creating me. I was cotton blowing in the wind, I was fiber being spun, I was a multitude of hands who put me together. Why don’t you appreciate my beauty beyond the trend?”.  I’ve always cared about these social cast-aways and when I revive them, I cut out their tag and save them- a remembrance of what they were.  Over the past 8 years, I have amassed quite the memorial.


Fashion Revolution Day gave me the inspiration to use these clothing tags as material within a design.  With awards season approaching in L.A., I wanted to create 2 gowns that could be worn to Red Carpet events that displayed this social message.  The trick for me was to use the tags without having them over power the dress and thus the individual wearing it.  Here is a bit about how they were created.

The 1st dress began as a black cocktail dress made by Cache and purchased at a consignment boutique.  I did not want to alter the construction of the dress as it fit well and did not need altering.  This leaves a blank canvas to design on.  Thus, the hard part becomes creating that design and it took weeks of playing around with different patterns and directions. I was drawn to the clothing tags that had the specific name of the designer and were embroidered.  I didn’t want to call out anyone in particular and I felt that if I left their names visible it would distract from the overall message.  So I flipped them over and once I did that, it all fell into place.  They needed to be secured around the edges, so I used iron-on bias tape in black and white.  I followed the design around the shoulders into the back with finishing details on the bow.  My last element was to add a clothing tag from (RE) on the center front to answer the Q with a ‘Yes, I do know where my clothing comes from’ but mainly because it added to the color scheme.

IMG_2704sIMG_2715        BcT


The 2nd dress naturally evoked the spirit of the clothing tag, as it’s original construction of white frills resembled that of a field of tags.  Made from a 1950s dress, I took apart and completely reworked the waistband.  The black front lines were made from a black shirt collar and the back bow was made from a salvaged white bow + black straps from another dress.  For this dress, I used clothing tags that had the manufacturer’s instructions oh how to care for it and where it was made.  You know, those big long ones that we cut out because they ‘get in the way’.  The last element that really brings this dress together is the front question mark, which I took off of my Guess jeans.  This literally asks, “?… Who makes your clothes?”.


wctUP copyWhiteTagCU copy

WhiteTag copy Janine Jordan of Electronic Music Alliance


Sustainable Fashion (RE)presented at Red Carpet Green Dress Anniversary Party. (photo via Taryn Hipwell)

To see more examples of upcycled pieces I’ve created, scroll back up to “(re) collections”.  You are an integral part of the change, be inspired to inspire! -Lanni

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(re) runway collection

All pieces in (re) couture collection are available to stylists and can be (re)produced.

Vista Theatre Shoot:  Photographer: Yin Tang / Models: Dena Zeleznik, Kelly Hillman, Megan Bennet / Hair/Make-up: Liz Calcaterra, Alicia Frechette, Kelsey Roy

State Theatre Shoot:  Photographers: Dan Taylor & David Kossack, James Orlando / Models: Asia Dillon, Kel LeMonce, Moina Snyder, Ashley Boehm, & Stephanie Carrion/ Hair & Make-up: Jodi Baldwin & Oubon Phommanyrath / Wardrobe Stylist: Heidi Brown

IMG_2992 Global Green Pre-Oscar Party with Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method and his beautiful wife and Eco-Ambassador, Janine Jordan. (Joan Rivers is next?!)

Eugenia Kuzmina in Stripes Evening Gown

Actress Eugenia Kuzmina [Fury] wearing this gown in “Trash to Treasure” editorial in Coco Eco Magazine.

“Inspired by the late 1940s, this ballroom ready gown is made from a variety of exciting materials put together to create one classic look.  The base of the dress began as a salvaged bridesmaid dress. A ruffled thrift store party skirt was added to the waistline as was a popular look in the 40s.  The side designs are made from a parachute (!) and lined with black fabric.  Her outfit is topped off with delicate white antique gloves.”

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

(photographer: Jeff Geniesse / Runway Model: Amanda Wallace)

LA Fashion Mag Feature Silver Dress


BAsilverThis dress was featured at New York Fashion Week’s Sustainable Style Night hosted by Tesla Motors.

Global Green Pre-Oscars

The gorgeous Janine Jordan (Electronic Music Alliance & Greenwave) with husband Ken Jordan (The Crystal Method) at Global Green USA 2015’s ‪#‎greenpreoscars‬. Janine is wearing a vintage dress from my (RE) collection that she upcycled herself! Add retro hair and upcycled heels and (wooza!) Janine is a pioneer of showing how to ‪#‎gogreen‬ on the Red Carpet for under $50!

Janine+Jordan+Global+Green+USA+12th+Annual+dYAsEvZ0cCvl JanineGG2015

Green (Black) Tie Jacket

Tailored hand-made suit coat scored at charity shop + 1950’s satin bias made into front pockets. Worn by Rachelle Carson-Begley (with husband Ed Begley Jr.) to 2014 Environmental Media Awards in Los Angeles, CA.  awards show +

(re)designer + Muse

“Aspire to Inspire” Upscale Upcycling. On the Red Carpet FGILA’s Designer & The Muse. I created a 100% (RE)fashion for the beautiful celebrated Brandi Veil. Even her earrings were made out of auto parts.  (RE) was the only fully upcycled look on the Red Carpet. Hosted by Kathy Hilton.RCBrandi



Art Deco Upcycled Dress

Art Deco Inspired Party Dress playing with shapes from various deconstructed blouses.  Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”.  Worn by Janine Jordan (with husband Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method & myself) at the Global Green decoart deco +

Red Carpet Green Dress Trail Blazer

This piece was inspired by Marianne Williamson and her SisterGiant movement aimed at getting more women into politics. She tells the story of the girl in the patchwork dress: all the girls were getting expensive dresses to impress the Prince, one girl did not have the resources to make a gown, she picked up the scraps the girls left off their tables.  She went to the ball and saw the other girls beautiful dresses, she was embarrassed, so she hid in a closet. Prince had not found his bride, he saw the material of out the door, patchwork, he danced with her and he found her interesting and made her his bride.  This blazer tells that story made from items cast aside and worn to Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green Dress Anniversary Party.


Tesla NYFW Jacket


A part of the [RE] art d’eco collection.

Tesla is a car company that is accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future. The use of gold (& not electric silver) states that profit can be made while putting people + planet first.  The automobile motif shows by the use of (re)claimed belt buckles that mirrors a car grille & washer parts that form a chain down to an Art Deco era stem-winding mechanical clock used in cars before electricity.


Flat Washers – Car Part

Stem-wind Mechanical Car Clock

Vintage Wool Jacket

Vintage Necklace


4 Reclaimed Belt Buckles

Save The Planet Decal

Sequin Sailor Anchor

*Inspired by, but not endorsed by, Tesla Motors. Photos by Derek Murdock & Mont SATHORNSUNTIKUN, model James Orlando.

Future, Electric NYFW

A part of the [RE] art d’eco collection.

Worn by actress Asia Kate Dillon (who plays Brandy on Orange is the New Black).  As we progress, we will run electric cars on (re)newable resources; working with nature’s abundant energy instead of digging up the past.  This metallic silver screen-printed image is a custom creative collaboration with Artist, Marco Williams.  Taking architectural styles from the Art Deco era and being inspired by the 1927 movie, Metropolis, we developed the image on front of dress. The rest of the dress is reconstructed, of course..


Long White Dress

Fully Puffy Silver Dress

Metal Fashion Belt Pieceselectricteslabannersm


Golden Globes Flamenca

Made from a Bed Skirt. (Photo is from article I wrote for Evox TV Network on “How To Wear Household Items” inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘bedsheet’ dress at 2014 Golden Globes).

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

flamenco flamenco flamenco

Film Makers Movie Premier Tie

Custom made tie for Director’s film premier in Michigan/Colorado.  MQT Cinema Coalition bringing Truth & Beauty to Cinema.


Geometric Hypnotist Dress

Made from a scarf, upside down negligee.


The Tent Dress

Made from an Outdoor Tent.tenttenttent

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures atBehind the Seams”

IIIrd IIfe

What’s better than a 2nd life? A 3rd!  This piece proves that when we take the time to rethink a piece of clothing… it could end up on the Red Carpet!  It’s all about REvaluing and believing!  This pieces has been worn at New York Fashion Week’s Tesla Sustainable Style Night and LAFGI’s Designer & The Muse.


P.ShawlFor 2nd life of this piece click here.

rE by LanniLantto - New Shawl-1

Dream Shawl

Making my client’s curtains a luxury.

The >< in Altered Couture

XL Blazer Jacket and Vera Scarf -totally- Redesigned. Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”. Tutorial on how to make this DIY in Altered Couture Magazine.

_MG_4761 cs_s

70’s ‘Dream On’

Remodeled 70’s dress keeps the dream alive / Also available in pink.

Awards Bow Dress

1980’s prom dress + blouse collar.  Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

Belle of the Ball Gown Vegas (CBS)

“This evening gown is a true work of art and attention grabber.  Imagine being at the ball in this?!  The best part is that it is made from a bridesmaid dress; the flowing silk going down the side of the dress is made from an antique scarf.  The front of the dress is not a replica but a real vintage piece that’s been restored to go out and dance once again.”

(photographer: Samantha Elizabeth / Model: Leah Kirchhoff)

(photographer: Yin Tang / Model: Kelly H.)

Antiquity of the Ages

Truly a stunning throw-back homage to antiquity.  Beginning as a black base dress, lace trims the front running up the straps to cowl in the back.  An antique table runner makes this dress an absolute show stealer.

Draped See Dress

This one piece dress combines a former 1990s body suit with a vintage slip skirt.strength

Men’s Runway Tuxedo

This red and black men’s formal suit coat was created from a frumpy women’s blouse and a tailored children’s tuxedo blazer. The shirt was taken apart and attached to the blazer, the collar of the shirt is now the pocket details. Austin’s bow tie is also redesigned from an old chain and, believe it or not, an animal skull that was found in the woods, bleached, and painted to fit the overall theme of this futuristic punk inspired look.  Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”.

Black Lace Shawl Dress

Shawl made from a skirt / Dress refashioned from satin & lace.

Spider Bustle

Front design made from vintage embroidery satin / Back bustle made from a nightie molded to shape by prom dress tulle.  Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”.  This is now in its 3rd upcycle as the LA Muse Dress.


1920's elegance

1920’s Elegance

Reworked white full slip with black & white lace trimming/Antique lace collar with earring as jewel pendant.

See this piece on BurdaStyle here!


V Oscar Dress

Tailored black negligee/White camisole plus slip/Black scarf train in back/Antique black gloves.

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures atBehind the Seams”

S.punk Dress

Option 1 is White nightgown with black shoulder wings. Option 2 is same nightgown turned down into skirt with black pockets/Pockets made from black half slip.


Reunion Dress/Skirt

White half slip/Recycled lace & elastic design/Strapless black brassiere/Antique black bed gown/Black antique boot spats.reunion

Scarlett Cinema

Made from a purple & beige curtain valance/beige full slip with black a-line half slip over. Inspired by Scarlett O’Hare pulling down the curtains to make a dress!

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

wedding_05 scarlett cinema


Table Cloth Bustle

Made from a Vintage Nightgown & a Table Cloth.

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

bustle bustle


Victorian Shawl

Made from a Lace Curtain.shawlshawlshawl

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”


Children’s Christening Dress + Men’s Suspenders. Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”.


La Lionne de Bordella

Beige strapless slip/Frame of black full slip/Red & Black 1800’s fabric/Antique boot spats.bordellabordella

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”


Made from a Black Slip Blouse/White half slip with upside down black negligee.


Sophia Loren Blouse

Made from satin fabric and lace/Recycled elastic ring with earring pendant.


Victorian Gloves

Antique fabric with lace trimming/Reclaimed buttons from grandma’s sewing box.


Old Hollywood Hooded Opera Coat

Made from a Chair Slipcover.cape