Brandi Veil is (RE)’s Muse Red Carpet Event

Press Release – October 17, 2013

 Brandi Veil Will Model 100% Upcycled Eco-Fashion Look for (RE)


Brandi Veil is a transformational event producer, writer, educator and social entrepreneur focused on the shared economy and alternative currency for a paradigm shift. Through her cause sustainability marketing, promotions, and event planning business (including celebrity clientele), she has defined a new path that will pave the way for others to follow.

She is the co-founder of a conscious event that changed the face of Hollywood Nightlife called Grateful Fridays a series that provides “edutainment” in human development through holistic music, CEO/Founder of The Event Division, Inc.; international program volunteer with the NGO Operation USA and Co-Producer of L.A.’s LEARN.HELP.TEACH, a unique environment where designers, artists, community developers, & educators can share their skills.

Lanni Lantto is inspired by Brandi’s vision for a better world. Ms. Veil is an Ambassador of Sustainability and a charismatic catalyst for change. She is committed to educating a wide audience and being the spark that ignites social and environmental justice.  On October 23rd, Brandi will be an Ambassador of Eco-Fashion; modeling an entire look made out of pre-existing materials.  Ms. Lantto’s true inspiration comes from the discarded materials which she incorporations into her designs.  The intrigue of her pieces is always finding out WHAT they are made out of!