PAST EVENTS: Speaking About Eco-Fashion as a Career Choice

5/11/12 Pathways to Your Future Career Day. Lake Superior Partners in Education Committee works to identify and address workforce-related issues across Marquette County. Currently, LSPE is organizing the annual Pathways to Your Future Career Day which will be held on Friday, May 11, 2012. It takes place on the Northern Michigan University campus and over 500 high school students across the U.P. are registered to attend.

(RE) by Lanni Lantto will be at the event speaking to the high school students about her career as the owner of an eco-fashion label.  A selection of professionals in diverse industries will be talking about their experiences which will be a motivating, educational experience for students choosing a career path.

Vintage Japanese Hiroshi Awatsuji Yardage

A woman donated 7 yards of vintage designer fabric that had been sitting in her basement for 50 years.  Alexandra Kralova made a pattern and we made this 1960’s style dress & my business banner for events!

Vintage reMade Hipster Dresses

I get a lot of requests for long frumpy vintage pieces to be made more modern and hip.  Best worn with leggings and slouch boots!

PAST EVENTS: St. Vincent de Paul Earth Day Fashion Show

4/21/12 Earth Day Fashion Show.  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a fashion show put on by St. Vincent de Paul?!  The event will run from 11-3pm with various eco-friendly vendors, educators, and a luncheon will be served at Republic Michigamme School.  The fashion show will start at 2pm.  The first part will feature various wares straight from the St. Vinnie’s in Republic while the second part will feature Lanni Lantto’s REDESIGNED clothing from various St. Vinnie’s in the UP.  This is a benefit show so that St. Vincent’s de Paul can buy a much needed new roof.

Smoking *hot* Jacket

Woman’s Smoking Jacket made from 3 different colored night gowns completely reworked and completely ready for a night at the Opera..with a glass of Merlot first of course…

(photographer: Jeff Geniesse & Katie Balbierz)

Check out what this is made out of, view before pictures at “Behind the Seams”

( re ) + you

TV6 News Coverage Video

Behind the seams (Smoking *hot* Jacket)

Check out the completed piece here

The Doug Garrison Show Interview, (TV)

Live interview with The Doug Garrison Show.  Including show-and-tell of pieces with live models and photos.

OR direct link on YouTube: Lanni Lantto on The Doug Garrison Show

One Person’s Trash, One’s Business, (TV)

Story from TV6 News

Click here to watch the video story

MARQUETTE — Marquette fashion redesigner Lanni Lantto isn’t into recycling, she prefers “upcycling.”  It’s part of a developing movement called “ethical fashion” and it’s gaining popularity in Marquette.

Lantto says recycling is using more resources to reproduce something, while upcycling is adding onto something that already exists.

“All you need is a needle and a piece of thread to begin,” says Lantto.

Ethical fashion also means no new supplies for Lantto’s business, even upcycling the small things like a crooked dress form and pins.

“I try really hard not to buy anything new, which means I can’t,” Lantto says.  “If I need a clothing rack, I can’t have it unless it’s donated or I can find it at the time that I need it.”

In her quest to cut her carbon footprint, she stays local.  She gets most of her materials off the racks of local thrift stores.

The end result is a saving of thousands of gallons in water, electricity, and carbon pollution.

Lantto has recently been the headliner of an upcycled fashion show in downtown Marquette and has lead a workshop at the Joy Center in Ishpeming.  Joy Center Director, Helen Haskell-Remien, says she’s been inspired to recreate her own summer clothing.

“It’s really…it’s taking off.  We’re upcycling,” says Remien.  “We’re taking things that maybe we were going to throw away and making them into something that is really fun to wear.”

Lantto will lead an upcycling workshop and fashion show Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Marquette Peter White Library.

Behind the “seams” (Tablecloth Bustle)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (Flamenca)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (Victorian Shawl)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (La Lionne de Bordella)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (Oscar Dress)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (Scarlett Cinema)

Check out the completed piece here

Behind the “seams” (The Tent Dress)

Check out the completed piece here


Fashion Shows

Upcycling Meets High Fashion, (Article)

Story from The Mining Journal 6/23/2010 Front Page Article

Upcycling meets high fashion

July 23, 2010 – By JOHANNA BOYLE Journal Ishpeming Bureau

MARQUETTE – What happens when your favorite pair of jeans wears out? Or when your umbrella breaks? What about your family’s old camping tent?

If you know how to “upcycle,” those items can become new pieces of clothing instead of heading for the trash can.

The inaugural (Re)Design Fashion Show at Garden Bouquet and Design Thursday evening gave spectators an idea of what can be done to turn used items into fashionable clothes.

“The fashion show shows you how you can have high fashion and a green ethic,” said Kim Smith-Potts, owner of Garden Bouquet and Design.

The show was organized by Smith-Potts and Anastasia Greer, an art and design major at Northern Michigan University interning at the floral shop. The idea for the show came from an art workshop that advocated using art as a tool for activism.

“I showed some of my clothing I had made,” Greer said of the show. “That’s mainly what I do is sew and make clothes.”

Greer was one of four designers to participate in the show, which featured everything from kids’ clothing to formal wear.

“There is so much creativity and design,” Smith-Potts said. “That’s one of our goals in this business, to support creativity, but also a green ethic.”

Children’s clothing, designed by Paulette Carr, included dresses, pants, hats and skirts refashioned from pieces of adult clothing.

Andrea Pernsteiner’s “everyday upcycled looks” featured skirts and tops created from items like T-shirts, allowing things like race or event T-shirts to be worn in unique ways.

Greer’s line of clothing showcased trendy skirts and outfits, often made of unusual materials, including two skirts made from umbrellas and necklaces made from old T-shirts.

Finally, Lanni Lantto’s line of clothing featured dresses made from everything from a tent to curtains.

The show gave spectators a chance to reimagine what their previously used fabrics could be turned into and gave the local designers a chance to display their talents.

“I’ve been sewing for ever and ever,” Carr said. “It was fun.”

The show filled up quickly until there was standing room only. Plans are being made to move the event to a larger venue for next year.

2009 (RE) Line Fashion Show- New York

Eco-Fashion Designer presents her 2009 Upcycled Clothing Line in Ithaca, New York.

Ethical Fashion Europe Tour