12/2/2010 Why am I here? Why are you?

Welcome to my “blog”. I look forward to sharing with you…

What would you do to spread the message of truth & love?

For me, it meant learning how to sew.

I never thought I’d know how to work a sewing machine. I didn’t learn how to sew because I wanted to.  I learned because I saw a way to spread a message.  To save fabric from the landfills in a stylish and creative way.

We are all rich.  You have been blest with at least one gold coin.  A gift given to you, unique to your soul, that is meant to be shared with others & used to do good in this world.  It is no coincidence you are here.  You have a purpose..& we need you.  It would be a great loss to you, to others, to all life if your gift were not known and so remained unused.

What gift can you inspire upon the world that doesn’t create more waste, harm to animals, that awakens the muses in our hearts, that shines brightly igniting light bulbs over our heads?

Take it from me.  With faith and trust you can do anything.  Base it in love and go forth–bear hug the world!

xo- Lanni